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What Happened To Google AdWords Customer Support?

Google does have a customer support number. But what happens when you call? Is there support?

How Do Breadcrumbs and SEO Mix?

Breadcrumbs, SEO, Google, and people who browse the web. These do all go together. See how here.

How Important is Keyword Density in SEO?

Do you really need to keep a certain percentage of keyword density in your content? Or have search engines evolved?

Highest Traffic Keywords Do Not Always Bring Profit

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Being ranked at the top for a high traffic keyword is not always the most profitable goal. There are more important issues to remember.

Personalized Google Results for Searches

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Does Google keep track of you and personalize search results? Yes. But there are ways around it.

Search Engine Optimization is a Changing Animal

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Just because you learned search engine optimization once doesn't mean you'll continue to know it well. The internet is always changing.

Google "link:" Command is Overrated

Google's "link:" command doesn't work all that well. See why, and a few decent alternatives to this command.

More on the Latest AdWords Update

The latest Google AdWords update has added several new elements to ads, including product listings and videos.

How To Determine Quality of SEO Services

Not everyone who claims SEO knowledge knows it. Here's one way to figure out how to distinguish the cream of the crop.