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RFC 2181 - Cause for Email Bounce Issue

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The IETF has updated their standards in July 2009, and RFC 2181 may cause email bounce issues.

The Digital Revolution in Advertising

Newspapers, magazines, TV - they're dying. Marketing is not dying, it's being REBORN.

Free Internet Marketing Seminar

I'm putting on a seminar for free, an experiment to see how interested businesses are in internet marketing.

Web Design Revision Completed

Yes, believe it or not, this is still Tulsa Marketing Online. Just with fancy new shining colors and lights. Progress!

PageRank Sculpting, NoFollow Tag Updates

PageRank Sculpting is a more advanced SEO method, nofollow tags an intermediate one. With recent news, both of these may be going through changes.

Newspaper Advertising Sales Drop

Newspaper ad sales have dropped heavily. Online marketing is moving upward, times are changing.

How To Improve Quality Score For AdWords

Quality Score is a main part of your cost for Google AdWords. Understanding and improving it can reduce costs.

How To Increase Page Rank

Page Rank is crucial to good SEO. How can you check it and increase it? Find out more.

Which Search Engine is Best?

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Is there a notable difference between the main search engines for marketing uses? Find out more.