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Have We Hit Peak Facebook?

Social media sites have a history of not lasting for very long in the grand scheme of things. Few are even familiar with Friendster these days, and Myspace has had to revamp their entire strategy to cater to musicians. Even then, it is entirely questionable whether the site has had much success since they relaunched. […]

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Looking Back: Our Top Posts From 2013

The New Year is here and many are already looking forward, making resolutions and formulating predictions about the year to come. But, we can’t know what is going to look for in the future without looking back at 2013. The past year brought big changes to online marketing thanks to some big revisions in Google’s […]


What Do Santa’s Elves Call Their Selfies?

Santa’s Little Helpers work year round to help Santa deliver presents to the little boys and girls around the world. But, now that Christmas has just passed, you have to wonder how they might spend their little free time at the North Pole. Apparently, they have a hobby in common with us in the human […]

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Does Google ‘Control’ Content On The Internet?

Does Google control the internet? Of course no one has control over the entire existance of the internet, but the major search engine has a huge influence in how we browse the web. So, it is interesting to hear a Google representative entirely downplay their role in managing the content online. Barry Schwartz noticed the […]