Search Engine Optimization


Everyone wants their website to be seen, but how do you get people to come to your page? Most websites are found by searching for keywords on a popular search engine such as Google and choosing the best option from the results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is how you get your website into those results and in front of people’s eyes.

In the past, businesses had to fight for the top search result in order to find success, but things have changed. With the massive number of searches made every day, it is more important to get your website in front of as many eyes as possible, and that means you don’t just want to get to the first result for a single search term. You want to get on the first page of results for a variety of keywords so that consumers searching for any topic related to your business can find you. We at Tulsa Marketing Online help optimize your site until the most important pages are showing in the first page of results.

Search engines determine how websites are ranked by judging them based on a set of criteria which assesses their value to consumers. We work to go above and beyond the bare minimums set by search engine guidelines so that your site excels where others underperform. We establish your brand’s value to consumers and search engines alike by helping you create quality informative content on a daily basis, which educates consumers while simultaneously raising your visibility. With a more focused content strategy, your visitors will find more value in your website and brand.

Local businesses in particular have great opportunities they are missing out on without search engine optimization. Google has been increasingly focused on ensuring searchers are directed to businesses within their local market, and studies have shown that consumers finding businesses from the internet are more eager to buy goods and services.

With Tulsa Marketing Online, you’ll see your site climb the rankings and grow its reputation online. More importantly, we’ll help get your site in front of the consumers most important to your businesses. That means they’re more likely to become real leads and sales. Call or email us today and you’ll be started on your path to even greater success.

Our SEO Path to Success

  • Site Structure: It may not seem that important, but Google favors sites are are easy to crawl. Search engines are willing to crawl and index any page, but they will crawl better structured sites more frequently and more thoroughly. We will make sure your site is laid out efficiently and optimized for search engines, so a cluttered site structure won’t be holding you back anymore.
  • Content: Search engines want sites that offer their visitors something of value. Whether it is an e-book, a blog post, high quality pictures, or a short video, educating and communicating with your potential customers shows the market you are the best for the job, while simultaneously telling search engines who you are and why you should be ranked. We can help you create a content strategy for your best keywords, and make sure your site has new content every day that is optimized around those keywords.
  • Off-Site Optimization: What you see is only half of SEO, at most. You won’t find success in the rankings unless you also take care of what is under the hood, or off-page. We will help you build a high-quality backlink portfolio using only Google approved strategies. Not only will these backlinks raise your site’s position, they will help you establish yourself within your market and increase your revenue.
  • Local Targeting: Just because you are a small local business doesn’t mean you can’t find success in the search results against national level competition. We will get you on the first page by optimizing for your local market and helping you set up a Google Places profile. With just a little optimization, a small local business can stand up to any competitor.