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Putting Your Business In Google Local

Posted on 04.20.09 by Eric

Sometimes SEO either costs too much money or time – Google Local can be a good way to jump-start traffic, without needing too much of either. Continue reading

What is Google AdWords Qualification?

Posted on 02.20.09 by Eric

Yes, I’m Google AdWords Qualified. What exactly does that mean? It’s a few steps, more than just a copy and paste of an image. Continue reading

What Email Marketing Is and How It Works

Posted on 02.07.09 by Eric

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in internet marketing. Learning how to use it can be very beneficial to your ROI. Continue reading

Free Google AdWords Tool for Google PPC

Posted on 01.29.09 by Eric

Brad Callen, the SEO/PPC guru, has released a new product. It’s quite powerful, and he’s actually giving it away. Find out what it does and if it might be worth checking out. Continue reading

How Has SEO Changed Recently?

Posted on 01.23.09 by Eric

SEO doesn’t stay the same over the years. There are changes that are made, and to stay ranked, you need to keep up with them. Continue reading