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Snapchat makes it easier to link to your website in Snaps

Posted on 07.06.17 by Taylor Ball

Snapchat has quickly become one of the most popular social image sharing platforms around, breaking out of its teen-centric image to reach a wide audience of users. With this growth, the platform has also made extensive changes to make it easier for brands to connect with users. This week, the company released one such new feature with the launch of “Snapchat Paperclip”. The Paperclip feature lets anyone – including brands – to attach a link to any Snap before it is shared. Until now, the only way you could include a link in a Snap was through paid ads. The… Read more »

Google’s Test My Site tool tells you how many visitors your website is losing

Posted on 06.30.17 by Taylor Ball

In an increasingly mobile world, the speed of your website can be a major make-or-break point for any business. Estimates suggest most sites lose half or more of their visitors just while their page is loading because people aren’t willing to wait around. So, how can you fix your site and make it lightning-fast? Google can tell you specifically what you need to do with its Test My Site tool, which just received a new set of features this week. Now, the tool can tell you a number of things about your site, including: Your site’s mobile speed The number… Read more »

Compare your ad results against your competition with Bing Competitive Metrics

Posted on 06.28.17 by Taylor Ball

Analytics is an essential way to measure the effectiveness of your ads, but traditionally your results are kept in isolation. The only thing you have to compare against is past results. Bing is changing that, with a new way to compare the results of your ad campaigns against how your competitors are performing. These new competitive metrics, also known as “share of voice” metrics, have been added to Bing’s in-line performance views, with details on your ads and similar campaigns in your industry. You still can’t hand-pick your local competitors and spy on their campaigns, but the new metrics will… Read more »

Share your message straight to your audience with Google Posts

Posted on 06.26.17 by Taylor Ball

Wish you could put personalized messages into search results? Until now, the only way for you to get a specific message out to people finding your business was to send out tweets popular enough to get included or to publish paid search ads. That’s all changing now, though. Google released a new feature this week called Google Posts for all businesses with a Google My Business Listing. With Google Posts, you can finally share your message on search results without the costs of ads or hit-and-miss nature of social media. Any time you share a Post, it will appear in… Read more »

Enjoy the thrill of fidget spinners with Google’s latest Easter egg

Posted on 06.20.17 by Taylor Ball

It seems like everybody these days is going crazy about fidget spinners, especially teens. Well, you can save yourself a few dollars – if you haven’t already bought one. These “spinners” are now just a search away, thanks to Google’s latest Easter egg. By searching “spinner”, you can play with a virtual version of the fidget spinners that are everywhere. Technically, there are two different spinners available. There’s the classic spinner that’s become so ubiquitous it is getting banned in schools, as well as one with up to 20 spinning numbers. Aside from Dungeons and Dragons players who forgot their… Read more »