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Webmasters and SEOs Receive Widespread Extortion Email, Should You Be Worried?

Posted on 08.18.14 by Taylor Ball

Last week, many webmasters and SEO’s received a scare in the form of extortion emails from a supposed SEO threatening to plague a site with negative SEO if they do not pay a ransom of$1,500. It seems the emails concerned even the most prominent members of the SEO community such as Dan Petrovic and Steve Webb. Even more interesting, despite assurances from Google that they would investigate the threats, a fair portion of the community appears to be at least moderately troubled by the threats. This gives an indication of just how easy people perceive negative SEO to be. The… Read more »

Facebook’s New Cross-Device Reporting Makes It Easier To Track Conversions

Posted on 08.14.14 by Taylor Ball

With its ever decreasing organic reach, Facebook is putting a lot of attention into their paid ad platform, especially the ads shown on mobile devices. Now, the reporting side of Facebook’s paid ad is getting improved to reflect the huge increases in mobile ads in recent times. One of these improvements is the launch of cross-device reporting for Facebook ads. Now Facebook advertisers are able to see how users move throughout their sales process, even if they move across devices. The announcement described just how advertisers may benefit: Imagine seeing an ad for a product on your mobile phone while… Read more »

How Did The Experts Get Their Best Backlinks?

Posted on 08.12.14 by Taylor Ball

Now that we’ve all hopefully gotten over the “links are dead” hysteria, SEOs and webmasters are beginning to worry about their backlink profiles again. In the past it was easy. You could buy links or make enact one of the many now-banned tactics to try to artificially inflate your backlink profile and it seemed like no one was the wiser. Of course things have changed quite drastically, as you should know by now. Backlinks need to be earned, and they need to be quality. As many analysts will tell you, building backlinks these days is more about relationship building than… Read more »

Facebook Has Given You 90 Days To Shut Down Your “Like Gate”

Posted on 08.11.14 by Taylor Ball

Countless businesses have 90 days to make significant changes to their Facebook strategies and pages. With an update to its Platform Policy, Facebook killed the so-called “like gate” which required users to Like a Page before they could be gain access to content, apps, rewards, or be eligible for contests. The new policy is set to take effect on Nov. 5 and any page that doesn’t comply will have the gates disabled. New apps made after the announcement will also be unable to create new like gates. Here’s the explanation from the latest developer blog from Facebook: You must not… Read more »

8 Things Anyone Can Do To Improve Your Paid Search Marketing Efforts

Posted on 08.08.14 by Taylor Ball

As online optimization and marketing become more and more essential to the success of smaller businesses, many small businesses are trying to manage as much online marketing on their own as they can manage with limited time and resources. Most often, this results in the company taking on relatively small SEO responsibilities which can give a slight boost to their online visibility and performance while missing out on the larger benefits of hiring professionals. With limited resources, this may sometimes be the best option, although it doesn’t pack anywhere near the punch. One of the biggest problems with trying to… Read more »