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Learn The ABCs of Making Visual Ads That Work [Infographic]

Posted on 05.13.16 by Taylor Ball

It is no secret that visual content is more engaging to readers. Whether you use infographics, social media images, video content, or just creating ads that are visually attractive, users will always react more to content that is more than just text on a screen. But, just because you are using more visuals in your content and doesn’t mean they automatically work. Aesthetically pleasing content can be a great way to engage users, but you can still lose a huge amount of visitors if your content isn’t compelling and exciting. To help you guarantee your visual ads are truly visually… Read more »

Bing’s Latest Statistics Show Voice Search Is The Future

Posted on 05.12.16 by Taylor Ball

As smartphone internet use has exploded in the past few years, mobile-friendly pages and search engine optimization have become the standard, but new statistics from Bing suggests the future of SEO may be all about voice search. During the Search Insider Summit last week, Bing representatives told the crowd that a quarter of all searches performed on Bing are voice searches and the trend looks keep increasing for the foreseeable future. Additionally, as users get more accustomed to voice search, it is changing how they are performing searches entirely. Voice searches are notably longer, tending to fall between six and… Read more »

Facebook Tells Advertisers How To Make The Best Video Ads

Posted on 05.11.16 by Taylor Ball

Facebook Video has quickly grown to rival YouTube, so it is unsurprising that video ads have also become a major part of Facebook’s advertising platform. But, as more and more companies share their ads on Facebook, it is becoming significantly more difficult to stand out. To help companies make the best ads possible for their platform and best engage their audience, Facebook took it upon itself to test out their video ads to see what is best in the eyes of consumers. Facebook showed 965 video ads targeted to the United States and Europe to a panel of consumers in… Read more »

Google Ramps Up The Fight Against Accidental Ad Clicks

Posted on 05.10.16 by Taylor Ball

If you own a smartphone, chances are you know the frustration of accidentally tapping on an ad you had no interest in when you were trying to scroll down a page. These accidental taps aren’t just annoying to users, either. Advertisers hate these mobile clicks because they wind up paying for clicks from users who had no intention of converting. Now, Google is stepping in to improve their mobile ad performance and user experience by altering how their ads operate on mobile devices. Of course, Google has been trying to fight back against accidental mobile clicks for a considerable time… Read more »

What Social Network Is Right For Your Business? [Infographic]

Posted on 05.06.16 by Taylor Ball

Social media has undeniably become one of the strongest channels businesses can use to reach out and engage with their audience. But making social media work for you means knowing which platform works best for your business. You might think that all social media sites are essentially the same, but making that mistake can mean squandering marketing and ad budgets trying to connect with an audience that just plain isn’t interested. The truth is every social media platform has a unique audience who interact with each other in ways specifically molded by the site they frequent. Trying to talk to… Read more »