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Google Tests Ad Extension To Directly Send Texts To Advertisers

Posted on 06.20.16 by Taylor Ball

As more people are searching for businesses from a variety of devices like smartphones and tablets, it is important that businesses provide a diverse number of ways to get in touch. Now Google is testing a new AdWords extension that will allow users to contact advertisers in an entirely new way. In the past, Google has used ad extensions to make it easy for searchers to call businesses they were interested in. With the latest ad format, you can now text or SMS advertisers directly from their ad. Here is an example of how the ad format looks: By clicking… Read more »

Pinterest Announces 3 New Ways For Brands To Connect With Users

Posted on 06.17.16 by Taylor Ball

Pinterest may be one of the leading social platforms around, but its forays into advertising have been slow. The company took its time testing “Promoted Pins” to make sure they didn’t negatively impact users. When the ads finally were rolled out to all, they were also incredibly simple, with limited targeting and customization. The company is finally expanding its ad platform with new targeting features that will give advertisers entirely new ways to connect with Pinterest’s more than 100 million monthly active users, according to a recent announcement. Now, you can focus your ad efforts to make sure you are… Read more »

Apple Announces Paid Ads In App Search Results

Posted on 06.15.16 by Taylor Ball

Since its launch in 2010, Apple’s ad service known as iAd has seemed largely like an afterthought. In fact, the company had announced earlier this year that iAd’s services were being discontinued. This all makes the iPhone maker’s latest announcement a bit of a surprise. Ahead of this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple announced it is revamping its App Store. One major part of this reworking is the introduction of paid search ads for apps in the company’s app store. Apple is starting small by adding a single paid ad to the top of search results within the App… Read more »

The Complete Guide To SEO-Friendly URL Structure

Posted on 06.13.16 by Taylor Ball

Keeping a clean and orderly URL structure for your site can be more than just a helpful way of keeping your pages organized. SEO-friendly URL structure can also make your site easier for search engines to index and modestly improve how Google and Bing rank your site. Unfortunately, establishing the absolute best URL structure can be a bit confusing. Some would have you believe it is more art than magic, while others would argue “everybody is doing it wrong”. John E. Lincoln from Ignite Visibility and Brian Dean from Backlinko set out to clear up the confusion with a handy… Read more »

Instagram Rolls Out Its Algorithmic Timeline Next Month

Posted on 06.06.16 by Taylor Ball

The algorithmic timeline is starting to take over. For the longest time, the algorithmic timeline was a defining characteristic of Facebook, while sites like Twitter and Instagram used chronologic timelines to keep people up to date as things happened in real time. However, Twitter made the controversial decision to implement an algorithmic timeline earlier this year and Instagram has officially announced they will be making the change next month. Of course, this isn’t a total surprise. The Facebook-owned platform was bound to implement the algorithmic timeline sooner or later. In March, Instagram started testing an algorithmic which sorts user’s feed… Read more »