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Google’s John Mueller Says HTTPS Is Only a “Very Lightweight Signal”

Posted on 09.30.14 by Taylor Ball

Much has been made out of the announcement that Google would include switching from HTTP to HTTPS in their ranking algorithm. Despite clearly stating that the factor would be lightweight in the initial announcement, the possibility of a relatively easy rankings boost drove lots of people to make the switch immediately. In the aftermath studies from analytics groups such as SearchMetrics have suggested that any effect of switching URLs might have is largely unnoticeable. Now, Google’s John Mueller has basically admitted that the signal currently too lightweight to have any noticeable effect but that may change at some point in… Read more »

Visual Marketing Is An Important Tool In Every Content Marketers Toolbox [Infographic]

Posted on 09.29.14 by Taylor Ball

The phrase “content marketing” is thrown around all over the place, but marketers seem to be forget that content can mean more than blog posts. While blogs can play a big role in online marketing and catching the attention of your audience, there are several other tools at our disposal that are often more effective. Audiences almost always respond better to visual marketing better than text, so long as your visual content reaches the same level of quality. Market Domination Media wanted marketers to know that visual content packs a heavy punch that makes the heightened investment more than worthwhile…. Read more »

Google Rolls Out The Latest Panda Update

Posted on 09.26.14 by Taylor Ball

Webmasters using “thin” or poor quality content may have seen a drop in traffic this week, as Google has announced that the release of the latest version of its Panda Update. According to a post on Google+, the “slow rollout” began early this week and will continue into next week before being complete. While those trying to do the bare minimum to improve rankings may have reason for concern, the new update could also be a relief to many who say they were improperly affected by previous updates as this update is intended to be more precise. As the announcement… Read more »

Reports Say Facebook Will Launch a New Advertising Platform Soon

Posted on 09.24.14 by Taylor Ball

For many advertising platforms, the rising use of mobile devices to browse the internet has been both a boon and a relief. While the greater number of people accessing the internet on-the-go means advertisers have a better chance of connecting with potential customers close to the point of sale, but it has also created a schism where online advertising is either mobile or desktop based. Some advertising platforms such as Google have been able to unify their platforms in many ways, but other services are still struggling to come together. Soon however, Facebook will be making big moves to bring… Read more »

New Report On Mobile Shopping Holds Great Insights for Advertisers

Posted on 09.19.14 by Taylor Ball

The latest “audience insights” report for Q2 of this year from NinthDecimal was released this week and the findings about shopping on mobile devices could have a big influence on how marketers think about on-the-go research and conversions. The report shows that smartphones are quickly becoming the primary way users research retail purchases, which should be of little surprise. However, the findings also show that research on tablets has been significantly declining which may suggest a troubling future for the devices. NinthDecimal says they believe the decline is due to increasing consumer comfort with shopping on smartphones, especially as screen… Read more »