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How To Get Started Building A Following On Pinterest [Infographic]

Posted on 08.04.15 by Taylor Ball

Pinterest doesn’t get the attention of some of the larger social sites such as Facebook or Twitter, but ignoring it when you’re considering which social networks to market on may be a huge mistake, especially if you are an e-commerce business. Pinterest remains one of the highest converting social sites, and it absolutely dominates in conversions for specifically e-commerce related products. As with all social sites, however, your marketing will fall on deaf ears if you approach it from the wrong angle. Just as tone-deaf advertisers get ignored on Facebook, it is essential you get started on the right foot… Read more »

John Mueller Explains Panda Update’s Slow Rollout

Posted on 08.03.15 by Taylor Ball

The recently announced Google Panda algorithm update raised eyebrows for several reasons. Of course, any Google algorithm news is worthy of attention, but this specific update was unique in several ways that had SEOs and webmasters wondering what the deal was. Finally, Google has given some insight into why Panda 4.2 is so different from past algorithm updates. There’s still not much information about why there was such a long lull between algorithm updates – over 10 months – but, Google’s John Mueller did recently provide some answers as to why the algorithm update is rolling out significantly slower than… Read more »

Google Finally Makes Google+ Optional For Users

Posted on 07.28.15 by Taylor Ball

Google+ has been a controversial and underwhelming social media platform mostly populated by profiles made out of obligation in order to use Google’s services, but this will change soon as Google announced Google+ will no longer be a requirement for services across Google’s network. Since Google made their social platform a requirement for all other services across their site, including Gmail and YouTube, there has been a strong pushback from users. The negative reaction was especially prevalent for YouTube users, who were forced to create new Google+ pages if they wished to create a new video channel. In the announcement,… Read more »

Google Panda 4.2 Began It’s Long Roll Out Over The Weekend

Posted on 07.23.15 by Taylor Ball

  Google has confirmed it has released a Google Panda refresh over the weekend, over 10 months after the last update to the algorithm. The latest refresh is unique from past updates as it went virtually unnoticed by webmasters until it was announced by Barry Schwartz. This is because it is being rolled out far slower than in the past. Previous updates were rolled out usually over a period of a few days or at most a couple weeks, but Google says this latest update could potentially take months to fully roll out, even on a site-by-site basis. However, as… Read more »

New Facebook Video Options Give Page Admins More Control Over Their Content

Posted on 07.22.15 by Taylor Ball

As Facebook’s video platform continues to grow in popularity, the social media giant is releasing a new set of tools aimed at making it easier for Page owners to control and manage their video content. Now, when Page admins upload videos they will have new distribution and customization options available, such as setting for making a secret video or assigning an expiration date. Below is a full rundown of the new video options available for Page admins: Secret videos: Upload non-discoverable videos that are accessible only via a direct URL. Audience restrictions: Restrict who can watch a video based on… Read more »