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More Ad Conversions are Happening on Mobile According to New Report

Posted on 10.17.14 by Taylor Ball

As Google rolls out more mobile ad formats and targeting measures for marketers, the customers seeing the ads appear to be more readily engaging advertisements from their smartphones and tablets. A new study from Marin Software shows that consumers are starting to use mobile ads to complete purchases, but desktop is still the dominant platform for conversions. Other interesting facts from Q3 of 2014 included in Marin’s report are: Mobile devices comprised 31% of paid search impressions and 38% of search ad clicks on Google. Mobile accounted for 30% of ad conversions with mobile conversions increasing 2.4% quarter-over-quarter and nearly… Read more »

Local Ranking Factors In Search Have Largely Stayed The Same This Year

Posted on 10.15.14 by Taylor Ball

Every year, Moz details the local ranking factors they can identify in Google’s algorithm to help small businesses get a foot up in the listings. Earlier this week they announced the release of this year’s findings and everything seems… surprisingly the same. Analysts have only found a few notable changes, but the findings are largely the same as last year’s. However, David Mihm did highlight a few important things to notice in the findings, including:  Behavioral signals such as click through rate, are more of a factor this year that others. With Pigeon‘s release, experts are saying Domain authority is… Read more »

Tulsa Is Recognized By Google As Oklahoma’s eCity for 2014

Posted on 10.14.14 by Taylor Ball

To those who have never been here, Tulsa might not seem like the most technologically innovative city, but anyone who has lived in Tulsa knows otherwise. Tulsa’s companies leverage the internet to grow their businesses in inventive and practical ways every day, and the city is finally getting some recognition for their efforts. Google named Tulsa as Oklahoma’s eCity for 2014, recognizing the city for having the strongest online business community in the state and celebrates those who have embraced the internet and its multitude of ways to connect with new and existing customers alike. “Our eCity Awards recognize the… Read more »

Untargeted, Disappearing Ads Will Be Coming To Snapchat “Soon”

Posted on 10.10.14 by Taylor Ball

Snapchat has quickly become one of most popular apps and certainly the most popular temporary photo and video sharing network, but thus far they have yet to find a way to monetize their service. CEO Evan Spiegel says that will change very soon, as untargeted, disappearing ads may begin showing up in the near future. The ads will appear directly within the Snapchat Stories section, between photos and videos from users, but most importantly for marketers they will not be targeted individually. “They’re [the ads] not fancy. You just look at it if you want to look at it, and… Read more »

More Than Half of Search Marketers Aren’t Tracking Phone Call Conversions

Posted on 10.08.14 by Taylor Ball

Tulsa Marketing Online has always believed tracking data is one of the most essential steps to running an informed marketing campaign, but apparently many search marketers are opting out of comprehensive tracking when it comes to phone conversions from search campaigns. A new survey from Invoca has found that just 36 percent of respondents reported using call extensions or click-to-call ads in their search campaigns. Of course, call conversions aren’t a major metric for some campaigns, but the survey shows that isn’t the whole story. The results also show that 63 percent of those surveyed said phone leads are equally… Read more »