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AdWords Changes Its Ad Rank Formula, Rewards Top Spots With Ad Extensions

Posted on 04.20.16 by Taylor Ball

In the past, Google AdWords used a complex and confusing algorithm for deciding when to display ad extensions. Recently, the company changed this by introducing a new policy which adjusts the impact of ad formats in the ad rank formula and allows AdWords to provide an estimate of how visible an ad would be on search engine results pages (SERPs). As of now, an ad’s visibility will depend on ad position and ad formats, meaning ads with higher positions in the SERPs will display more ad extensions than ads in lower positions. This is a shift away from past systems… Read more »

Raise a Glass, Google’s PageRank Toolbar is Finally Gone For Good

Posted on 04.19.16 by Taylor Ball

Roughly a month after Google announced it would be completely shutting down the Google PageRank Toolbar, the service finally went dark over the weekend. Now, those who have the PageRank toolbar installed will not be able to see the 1-to-10 rankings of sites they visit, making the toolbar officially useless. The move also cuts data from any third-party toolbar that tries to retrieve a PageRank score. Of course, if you’ve been using the PageRank toolbar recently, you have been working from outdated data. Google hasn’t updated the public PageRank scores in years, so it makes sense to finally shut it… Read more »

Google Beefs Up Its Defense Against Clickjacking

Posted on 04.18.16 by Taylor Ball

Google is continuing its efforts to combat online display advertising fraud, with new defenses against a scam technique known as clickjacking. If you’ve ever tried to press play on a video, open a link, or start a song and wound up on another page unexpectedly, clickjacking is most likely the culprit. This is done by overlaying an essentially transparent layer over a legitimate web page. This way everything looks normal, but as soon as you try to take any form of action you trigger a behavior on the transparent overlay. The action may be used to trigger one-click orders from… Read more »

Instant Articles Now Available For All Facebook Publishers

Posted on 04.15.16 by Taylor Ball

Facebook is bringing its Instant Articles to all developers and content producers. The social media platform has been slowly testing its feature, which allows publishers to share content on Facebook mobile that is fast-loading and easy to read. During Facebook’s F8 conference, the company announced that publishers of any size or kind can now publish via Instant Articles while also sharing some statistics showing how Instant Articles have been performing so far. According to Facebook’s data, Instant Articles leads to 20% more clicks on links to content 70% reduced likelihood of abandoning content once clicking on it. 30% more shares compared… Read more »

Learn The Language of Google Analytics With This Handy Guide

Posted on 04.14.16 by Taylor Ball

Google Analytics is an essential tool for making sure your website is performing as you would like and making improvements to keep growing, whether you are a high-level marketer or a business owner who just launched their site. If you aren’t familiar with Analytics, however, or the technical jargon that fills your reports, it can be difficult to make sense of the huge amount of information available. That can make it hard for someone new to running a website for their business to make sense of the huge amount of information available in Google Analytics. Thankfully, you don’t have to… Read more »