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Penguin Becomes a Part of Google’s Core Algorithm

Posted on 09.23.16 by Taylor Ball

Google’s Penguin algorithm has been a core part of the search engines efforts to fight spam and low-quality content for years, but it has always been its own thing. The algorithm ran separate from Google’s core algorithm and was refreshed periodically. But that is all changing. Starting today, Penguin is running in real-time as part of Google’s primary algorithm in all languages. What Does This Mean? In the past, the Penguin algorithm has been relatively static. When it was updated or refreshed, it would dish out penalties and remove penalties from those who had gone successfully gone through the reconsideration… Read more »

Google’s AMP Pages Are Rolling Out In Organic Search Results

Posted on 09.20.16 by Taylor Ball

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are starting to appear in organic search results, after months of only appearing in the ‘top stories’ carousel. What is Google AMP? As the internet becomes increasingly mobile, Google has made site speed a top priority within its search results. Part of their effort to speed up the web has included the launch of its Accelerated Mobile Pages technology, which allows publishers to create pages using a stripped down version of HTML and JavaScript that emphasizes site speed. Other platforms including Twitter and Facebook have launched their own versions of Accelerated Mobile Pages with their… Read more »

Facebook and Google Team Up To Improve Online Ads

Posted on 09.16.16 by Taylor Ball

Online advertising is something many people hate. While some brands make it their effort to provide valuable ads in an un-intrusive format, it seems like the majority of websites and advertisers would rather bombard you with full-page interstitials, auto-playing video ads, and pop-ups no matter where you look. That is likely going to change soon. The biggest names in online advertising, including Facebook and Google, have joined together to improve digital ads in response to the rise of ad-blocking and widespread public dissatisfaction with ads. The Coalition for Better Ads was unveiled this week at the Dmexco conference in Cologne,… Read more »

Google Pushes Back Deadline To Switch To Expanded Text Ads

Posted on 09.15.16 by Taylor Ball

This past July, Google began rolling out expanded text ads to advertisers everywhere. The intention is to eventually replace the standard text ads offered by Google with the new, longer versions. But, it looks like some advertisers are taking longer than expected to get adjusted to the new ad format. When expanded text ads were released, Google said standard text ads would cease to be available starting October 26, but it is pushing back the deadline to early next year to allow advertisers to become more accustomed to expanded text ads. Now, Google says advertisers have until January 31, 2017,… Read more »