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You can now edit your local business listings straight from the search results

Posted on 09.08.17 by Taylor Ball

Your Google My Business listing is one of the best ways to make sure potential customers in your area find your business. The listings provide the information about where your business is, your hours, and what types of products or services you offer, and the listings often appear above any other regular search results. Now, Google is making it easier than ever to maintain and edit your GMB listings by letting you manage them straight from the search results pages. When you search for your business while logged into the Google account associated with your GMB listing, you will now… Read more »

Quickly identify your bad landing pages with Google’s Landing Pages tool

Posted on 09.05.17 by Taylor Ball

No matter how good your marketing or advertisements are, you can’t succeed online without a great landing page. Whether you’re landing page is irrelevant to people’s interests or it is just too slow or cumbersome for mobile users, your potential customers are going to bounce back to the search results if they can’t get to what they need quickly. Of course, no one intentionally sets up a bad landing page. Sometimes, you just can’t see what’s not working without an extra set of eyes to show you the problems you’ve overlooked. Thankfully, Google is helping give you exactly that, with… Read more »

Learn exactly how people are finding your business with the latest AdWords feature

Posted on 08.29.17 by Taylor Ball

Don’t you wish there was an easy way to find out exactly what terms people are using to find your business online? That way, you could refine your keywords to take advantage of where you’re already succeeding and put more work into areas that aren’t getting found without hours and hours of research and analytics. Well, now you can do just that without any expensive software or tracking services, with AdWords’ new ‘Searches’ card. The new card shown in your AdWords dashboard highlights the most popular words and phrases people are using to find your business in one convenient space…. Read more »

It’s official: Autoplay videos are coming to search results

Posted on 08.21.17 by Taylor Ball

Google has been testing the waters with putting autoplay videos in search results for a few weeks, and today they made it official. The company announced a less intrusive (and less annoying) version of autoplay videos are being rolled out to search results starting today. The videos will take the place of the static images that have been shown as a “preview” for video search carousel results, such as when YouTube videos are shown in the results. You can see what this looks like in action in the GIF below: As the company explains in the announcement, the autoplay videos… Read more »

Google’s new “action buttons” let customers take action straight from the search results

Posted on 08.15.17 by Taylor Ball

When it comes to mobile users and the internet, there is nothing more important than speed. Every step between the first click and the final conversion gives users the opportunity to set their phone down, get a call, or just get bored. That’s why Google is doing everything it can to help businesses streamline the process, including this week’s launch of new “action buttons” that allow people to take action with your business straight from your Google My Business listing. The new buttons allow you to add links to specific actions, including a variety of options for businesses from a… Read more »