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Google’s New Program Seeks to “Put Our Cities On The Map”

Posted on 03.30.15 by Taylor Ball

Google is doubling down on their efforts to bring local businesses around the world online with a new program called “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map.” The new program seeks to assist small businesses and local organizations from over 30,000 cities worldwide to set-up complete local listings on Google. The search engine claims consumers are 38 percent more likely to visit and 29 more likely to consider purchasing from businesses with complete listings, yet a huge number of companies do not have local business listings on any search engine. For the new initiative, Google is providing each participating city… Read more »

Facebook Announces New Enhancements and Improved Integration

Posted on 03.27.15 by Taylor Ball

Facebook unveiled several big upgrades to its current platform of products and services this week during its annual developer conference in San Francisco. The biggest announcement has been rumored for some weeks, but the social media giant also had a few other interesting changes hidden up its sleeve that will allow the platform to be more fully integrated with the rest of the internet. Messenger is a Platform Now Of course the big news from the conference is Facebook’s decision to officially launch Messenger as its own platform, which will allow developers to more freely integrate features from Messenger into… Read more »

Google Helps Webmasters Avoid Common Errors When Switching To Mobile

Posted on 03.24.15 by Taylor Ball

Not long ago Google announced its upcoming mobile-friendly algorithm change, but the search engine is making efforts to help webmasters prepare as well as possible. Google has been offering a steady stream of information helping webmasters avoid common mistakes while converting websites to mobile-friendly designs. After answering questions over Twitter, Google also decided to directly ask webmasters what they were confused about and what problems they were encountering. Then, Google compiled the most common mistakes and shared them in a simple and easy to explore list. According to Google, the most commonly mentioned mobile mistakes are: Blocked JavaScript, CSS and… Read more »

Yahoo Loses Its Grasp as Google Regains Search Share After Mozilla Deal

Posted on 03.19.15 by Taylor Ball

Google has been heavy-handed in trying to woo Firefox users back to their search engine since Yahoo became the default search engine for the browser. It also appears to be working. ComScore released the latest US search market share numbers for February and it seems Yahoo is gradually losing the gains they have made since they made a deal to become the default search engine for the browser and Google is reaping the benefits. Since the switch over lost Google a small portion of users, Google has been practically begging users to make switch back. While there hasn’t been a… Read more »

Google Improves Autocomplete Attribute For Mobile Users

Posted on 03.18.15 by Taylor Ball

Google is making it easier for mobile users to fill out forms thanks to a new enhancement to its autocomplete attribute in Chrome, the company announced yesterday. As in the past it is up to webmasters to make sure the forms on their sites are marked up with the autocomplete attribute, but it is an important step to take. Past analysis shows implementing autocomplete on your forms increases conversions and reduces cart abandonment. Google also encourages sites to use the autocomplete attribute, citing increased completion rates and saying: “Making websites friendly and easy to browse for users on mobile devices… Read more »