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Facebook Gives Advertisers a Warning About Site Speed

Posted on 09.01.16 by Taylor Ball

Your site’s speed on mobile devices will soon be a factor deciding how many people see your Facebook ads, according to an announcement from the social network this week. In Facebook’s words: “Over the coming months, we’re working to improve ad experiences for people by considering website performance and a person’s network connection in our ad auction and delivery system.” While it isn’t clear exactly how site speed and page performance will be implemented into Facebook’s algorithm for displaying ads, the social network is already introducing features to help brands deliver content more quickly across Facebook. In addition to the… Read more »

Facebook Makes Offers Easier To Use and Find

Posted on 08.30.16 by Taylor Ball

Facebook Offers have been around since 2012, allowing brands to distribute coupons to users for special promotions. However, they never really took off like many of Facebook’s advertising features. The social network is trying to turn that around by improving Offers to make it easier for people to find, save, and redeem coupons, especially from mobile phones. The changes also make it easier for brands to control who sees and uses their coupons. Offers have always functioned by distributing online and in-store coupons as ads or organic Page posts that link to a brand’s site. When a person clicks the… Read more »

Add Twitter’s New Message Button To Your Site Today

Posted on 08.25.16 by Taylor Ball

Twitter has introduced a new way for users to get in touch with your brand directly from your website with the Message button, as the company announced in a tweet today. The button can be embedded on any website and allows anyone with a Twitter account to direct message you with just a single tap. The button is stylistically what you would expect from Twitter’s other buttons and is very easy to set up. However, you should double-check your settings to make sure you can receive direct messages from everyone, not just your followers. To add the new Message button… Read more »

Google To Penalize Sites Who Use Intrusive Interstitials

Posted on 08.24.16 by Taylor Ball

Has your brand or business been using large pop-ups to gather email addresses or asking people to like you on Facebook? You might be in trouble with Google if you don’t change your site soon. Google has announced it will begin to penalize sites with intrusive pop-ups or interstitials starting January 10, 2017. As Google defines them, intrusive interstitials are pop-ups that block the main content on a screen until an action is taken. While this can be an effective way to ask visitors to take action, most people find these annoying because it serves as a roadblock before they… Read more »

Google Is Testing Letting Brands Post Straight To The Front Page of SERPs

Posted on 08.22.16 by Taylor Ball

Early this year, Google took advantage of the US Presidential election to test a new feature allowing candidates to publish messages straight to the front page of search results. Then, in March, the company expanded this test to include a tiny number of small businesses. Now, Google is widening their tests yet again – increasing from “tens” of small business to “thousands”. Even more, the company is taking the feature international with tests in Brazil and India, as Google confirmed to Mike Blumenthal this week. Google hasn’t announced the name of the new feature, but Blumenthal has already captured a… Read more »