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Google Celebrates USA’s FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 Win

Posted on 07.06.15 by Taylor Ball

Today Google is celebrating the United States’ Women’s World Cup win with a Doodle on the homepage of the search engine. The logo appeared last night after the United States team defeated Japan in the final game 5-to-2. Google received some criticism during the tournament for not devoting space for a special box on search results pages related to the tournament like they have done for all major sports championships. Unlike in the past, only searchers using Android devices saw a special box with scores and game times during the championship. After last night’s win, however, Google immediately put the… Read more »

Facebook Announces Changes To How It Ranks and Charges For Videos

Posted on 07.01.15 by Taylor Ball

In the wake of Facebook’s successful video service, the social media giant is making two big changes for advertisers and users. Facebook announced it will be adjusting its new feed algorithm to reflect interactions with videos, as well as changing how it charges advertisers for video views. The update will be rolling out over the next coming weeks. While Facebook has already included likes, comments, and shares on videos, the new algorithm will also consider factors such as whether a video was unmuted or viewed in full screen. Facebook said it believes the new factors are strong indicators that users… Read more »

Google Makes Changes To Reduce “Fat Finger” Ad Clicks

Posted on 06.30.15 by Taylor Ball

  Tell me if this has ever happened to you. As you’re browsing a website, your thumb accidentally hits an ad as you try to scroll past it, launching a new page. You close it out, and try to scroll down again only to accidentally tap the ad on the page yet again, leaving you in a loop of trying to close the page and move past it but repeatedly wind up tapping an ill-placed ad that you have no interest in. Not only is this scenario a bad experience for the user, but it is also a nightmare for… Read more »

Google My Business Is Helping Businesses Update Their Listings For Summer

Posted on 06.25.15 by Taylor Ball

  As schools close and the temperatures soar across the country, it isn’t unusual for businesses to change their hours for the summer. It is especially common in tourist areas where shops often stay open longer to accommodate the longer days and increased store traffic. If your business has special summer hours, now is the time to guarantee your business listing on Google shows your adjusted seasonal hours. Today, Google launched a new initiative at to help businesses quickly check how their Google My Business listing is displaying, including whether they are currently open or closed. Google says a… Read more »

The Basics of SEO [Infographic]

Posted on 06.23.15 by Taylor Ball

If you’re a business owner who has decided to get serious about your company’s online presence and marketing, you’ve almost certainly heard about search engine optimization. Unfortunately to the uninitiated, SEO can seem impenetrable with its endless technical jargon and conflicting opinions from experts about exactly how to get the best online visibility. It can feel a lot like jumping in the deep end without learning how to swim first. Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to seem so intimidating however. There may be a lot to learn before you are an expert, but with just a few basic ideas you… Read more »