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SEO Strategies vs Tactics

Posted on 01.21.10 by TMO

Knowing various SEO tactics is one thing. Knowing how to put them together in a solid strategy is another altogether. Continue reading

Google Knows What Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend is Thinking

Posted on 01.20.10 by TMO

Whether it’s for marketing use or just because you’re curious, knowing how to use Google to get in people’s heads can be very effective. Continue reading

Forbes Talks About Value of SEO

Posted on 01.19.10 by TMO

SEO is becoming more and more prominent in business today. When Forbes talks about it, this isn’t a maybe – it’s a fact. Continue reading

Google is Not Immune to Error

Posted on 01.18.10 by TMO

Yes, even Google can mess up. They don’t always publicize their mistakes, but in this case it became part of public awareness. Continue reading

SEO and the 80-20 Rule

Posted on 01.18.10 by TMO

SEO costs time and money. But if you use the 80-20 rule, you can cut back on a lot of time. Continue reading