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Social Media and SEO: How They Tie Together

Posted on 12.14.09 by TMO

Social media – you have your Facebook. SEO – do you know how to make Facebook work for your site? Doing it right works quite well. Continue reading

Keywords Meta Tag Testing on Video

Posted on 12.12.09 by TMO

How well does the keywords meta tag really work? I tested it out, and put the results on video. Continue reading

Basics on Quality Score – What It Is

Posted on 12.11.09 by TMO

Quality Score. Learn it, love it (or hate it) – it often makes the difference between paying $0.30/click and $10.00/click. Continue reading

Demographics and SEO – Targeting Your Pages

Posted on 12.11.09 by TMO

Often looking deeper into who is actually doing the searches with demographics can bring your site higher in rankings (and profits). Continue reading

Is Yahoo Selling Out? A Possible Sign…

Posted on 12.11.09 by TMO

Say what? Bing is taking charge, and Yahoo is selling pieces of itself? Things are changing… Continue reading