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Caffeine is Coming!

Posted on 11.13.09 by TMO

Google Caffeine is finally going live, apparently after the holidays. Continue reading

Does the Keywords Meta Tag Work?

Posted on 10.09.09 by TMO

How effective really is the keywords meta tag, and does it work? I did a full test to find out. Continue reading

RFC 2181 – Cause for Email Bounce Issue

Posted on 09.04.09 by TMO

The IETF has updated their standards in July 2009, and RFC 2181 may cause email bounce issues. Continue reading

The Digital Revolution in Advertising

Posted on 08.06.09 by TMO

Newspapers, magazines, TV – they’re dying. Marketing is not dying, it’s being REBORN. Continue reading

Free Internet Marketing Seminar

Posted on 07.27.09 by TMO

I’m putting on a seminar for free, an experiment to see how interested businesses are in internet marketing. Continue reading